You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the animal in warning pic issued by cops

EVEN the most eagle-eyed people weren’t able to spot the animal in this wildlife warning – can you?

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife issued a warning to leave wildlife alone on April 3 with a video that followed.


Believe it or not, there’s an animal somewhere in this photoCredit: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

However, many people couldn’t see the duck that was hidden away in the thick grass.

“You never know where you’ll find wildlife!” read the warning. “It may not feel like it, but it’s spring, and that means we’ll have a bunch of chicks, goslings and ducklings, among others, running around soon.

“Please leave wildlife alone so they can go about the work of making more wildlife.”

In the video, the duck is basically impossible to spot until the person holding the camera zooms in on her hiding spot.

“We have one mallard nesting right in front of us,” the person said.

The duck’s ability to hide had some in the replies of the video making jokes.

“Do not hide the ducks,” wrote one person. “The game is called duck duck goose not duck and seek.”

“New Easter game,” replied the ODFW.

Another person said they’ve started to see and hear more birds around where they live.

“Daffodils are popping up. And I’ve even seen a few trilliums. Spring is trying its hardest to start, but Winter is being stubborn.”

According to the ODFW, ducklings are usually on the water this time of year “but it seems the adults feel the winter too and have held off to give their young the best chance at survival.”

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The hidden mallard was sitting in her nest among the thick grass


The hidden mallard was sitting in her nest among the thick grassCredit: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

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