WWE legend Goldberg shows off bloody head gash from tractor accident

Bill Goldberg lost his most recent match to an unlikely opponent.

The 56-year-old WWE Hall of Famer revealed Tuesday on Instagram that he gashed his head in a tractor accident, captioning the gnarly photo, “#Tpost 1, Goldberg 0.”

A rep for Goldberg told TMZ that the wrestler “accidentally knocked his noggin on his tractor” while doing work on his property.

Goldberg is most famous for his streak that occurred when he made his professional wrestling debut in WCW, and proceeded to go 173-0.

After more than a decade away from WWE, Goldberg returned to the ring in 2016, and had matches with Brock Lesnar, Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt, Drew McIntyre, the Undertaker and Roman Reigns.

He spoke to The Post’s Joseph Staszewski last year about what he loved most about his comeback.

WWE legend Bill Goldberg shared photos of a bloody head gash he suffered.

Goldberg knocked his head on his tractor.
Goldberg knocked his head on his tractor.

“Just to be accepted back, number one by the fans, number two by your peers, number three by your boss [Vince McMahon], not necessarily in that order, it was truly an honor not many people on the planet get once, but I’ve gotten it a couple of times,” Goldberg said.

“I’ve learned a serious appreciation for the business, the people in it.”

Goldberg also reflected on the positive impact Hulk Hogan had on his career.

Goldberg during his match against Roman Reigns at WWE's 2022 Elimination Chamber show.
Goldberg during his match against Roman Reigns at WWE’s 2022 Elimination Chamber show.

Bill Goldberg is currently a pro wrestling free agent.
Bill Goldberg is currently a pro wrestling free agent.
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“At the one point I truly realized what good Hogan did for me, what good he did for the business at the time and I learned another way to appreciate what happened that night,” Goldberg said. “And, truth be told, I knew what happened at the end of the match and that was the coolest moment in my sports career was watching guys I had idolized my entire life playing football in the ring wanting to be me. That was the poetic justice that I needed.” 

Goldberg’s WWE contract reportedly expired in March and no announcement has been made about what, if anything, his next move will be in pro wrestling.

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