We’re Losing Our Minds About This Sims Family History Theory From TikTok

Any The Sims fan (such as myself) is well-aware of some of the family dramas of Sims games of plumbobs past.

Take for instance, Bella Goth, who mysteriously disappeared one night from Pleasantview in The Sims 2 and can occasionally be found walking around near a UFO crash site in Strangetown…

Or what about the character Brandi Broke, whose teen son Dustin in The Sims 2 can be found as a famous celebrity with a bad reputation in The Sims 4: Get Famous.

There’s almost more drama than an episode of Real Housewives.

But one TikTok user has revealed a theory about the Caliente twins and Bella Goth’s disappearance that had my head spinning. She explains, “Were other Sims involved in Bella Goth’s disappearance? Let’s take a look at Don Lothario’s lovers, Dina and Nina Caliente…

“The Caliente twins moved to Pleasantview on the eve of Bella’s disappearance. They have a strong interest in Mortimer Goth (Bella’s husband) and his fortune.”

When you start playing a game with the twins, you quickly find out that Dina has a thing for Bella’s husband Mortimer: “In fact, Dina is currently dating Mortimer.”

But that’s not the only wealthy older man that Dina has dated… “When we look at Dina’s memories, it’s revealed that she’s been married before, to Michael Bachelor,” she reveals.

“When Michael died, Dina received an inheritance. Coincidentally, Michael Bachelor is Bella Goth’s late brother…” Dun, dun, dun!

“Also, when looking at the Caliente family tree, it’s shown that Dina and Nina are descended from aliens.”

She poses the question, “Could the Calientes have phoned in their alien relatives to abduct Bella Goth?”

“Their shared love for Don Lothario suggests they’re in cahoots to snag the Goth fortune. With Bella out of the way, Dina is free to pursue Mortimer. And Don gets his payout, by marrying Cassandra Goth (Mortimer and Bella’s daughter.”
The drama… we love it! Unfortunately, the Sims creators left behind much of the lore for Sims 4, and Bella can be found back with her family in the Goth mansion. However, fans are hoping that the soon-to-be-released Sims 5 will bring back some of the juicy goss.

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