‘We have the biggest sex toy collection in the UK — it changed our life’

Charlotte bought Enrique a year after buying her husband a life-sized sex doll (Picture: SWNS)

You know those feelings of guilt, shame, and perhaps even irritation that crop up when your partner is coming onto you for the third time in two days and all you want to do is curl up on the couch and watch Desperate Housewives?

Well, this couple found a solution for that, and it led to a spicier sex life than they could have ever imagined.

When Charlotte Grey, 23, was starting to feel the impact of her husband’s significantly higher sex drive, she decided to get him a sex doll for when she’s ‘not in the mood’.

Charlotte and Callum, 28, introduced Dee, a life-sized female sex doll, into their relationship last year, four years since they first got together.

Now, a year on, Charlotte has bought her own male sex doll, named Enrique, for the staggering sum of £1,000.

And that’s not all: the pair say their bedroom antics have resulted in the ‘largest collection of bizarre sex toys’ in the UK.

The pair have spent thousands on their whacky sex toy collection (Picture: SWNS)
Charlotte bought her life-sized doll so she wouldn’t feel ‘left out’ (Picture: SWNS)

The pair, who make videos for OnlyFans, even have their own studio to store them all in.

‘Callum had his own doll, so it was only fair that I got one too,’ said Charlotte of her newest toy.

‘Dee looks a lot like me so I wanted to choose one that looks like Callum.

‘Olivia Attwood named him Enrique for us – we were on a show with her, and she came around to film and named him.

‘We love exploring with our dolls but have ventured out and now have an impressive collection of sex toys.’

The pair sometimes make £15k a day answering obscure requests on OnlyFans (Picture: SWNS)

Their subscribers love their treasure trove of sex aids too, and scenes featuring unique items like a corn on the cob dildo and a gnome-shaped buttplug draw in a large audience.

The couple began filming erotic content for OnlyFans in 2021, and they now make a living from it, even earning a whopping £92,000 in one month by sharing their steamy sessions online.

Charlotte said: ‘We use the dolls for work, they sit in the studio until we need to film.

‘When we’re filming, we pick outfits based on the theme of the video. Every day is different – it depends if we’re filming custom requested videos or posts for socials.

‘We enjoy it, and the money is great.’

Their favourite toy, a 3ft pink and green tentacle, set them back £500 (Picture: SWNS)
They even built their own studio to film in, to separate work and play… kind of (Picture: SWNS)

The studio and toy collection, then, are worthwhile investments, with Charlotte and Callum forking out £15,000 for the 4x7m room at the bottom of their garden but making the money back in as little as a day.

‘We built the studio at the bottom of our garden because we just don’t have room in our house anymore for all our toys,’ Charlotte said.

‘It’s also nice to keep work separate from the house – we can now walk to work.’

For the pair, the new kink was life-changing, with their favourite toy – a £500 pink and green tentacle – being a particular money-spinner.

‘We can now live the life of our dreams and it’s all thanks to Dee, Enrique, and our collection of crazy toys,’ Charlotte said.

Callum also added: ‘I’m happy we’ve found a niche that no one else did before us and the money we’ve made from a few bits of silicone is crazy.’

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