Two children rescued from cable car 1,200ft above Pakistan valley

Bilal Fiazi, a spokesman for the 1122 rescue service, said the commandos had managed to get food and medicine to them.

“The terrain below is difficult given the peaks and the river flowing underneath in the valley,” he added.

People who live in the northern mountainous regions of Pakistan often use cable cars for transport from one village to another.

According to reports, the cable car in question was made by a local, not a manufacturer.

The cable hangs in the middle of a deep ravine surrounded by stunning mountains, where cable cars are frequently used to connect remote villages and towns.

Villagers lined the vertiginous slopes of the valley anxiously watching the operation.

Abdul Nasir Khan, a resident, said the children were going to a high school in Batangai in Allai.

Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, Pakistan’s caretaker prime minister, expressed concern in a post on messaging platform X, formerly Twitter.

“I have also directed the authorities to conduct safety inspections of all such private chair lifts and ensure that they are safe to operate and use,” he said in a post.

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