TV host Stephen Colbert backs screenwriters strike

One of America’s best-known late-night television hosts has thrown his weight behind Hollywood’s striking screenwriters.

As the dispute threatened some of America’s most popular programmes, Stephen Colbert used his monologue at the start of his show to voice solidarity.

The strike, involving more than 11,000 writers, is expected to take a number of evening talk shows off air.

But the Late Show with Stephen Colbert was pre-recorded, which meant it was broadcast as normal on Monday.

Colbert shared a photo with his writers at the beginning of the broadcast.

“Everybody, including myself, hopes both sides reach a deal. But I also think the writers’ demands are not unreasonable,” he said.

“I am a member of the Guild; I support collective bargaining.

“This nation owes so much to unions. They are the reason why we have weekends.”

Several shows which rely on “on the day” content are under threat including Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Daily Show.

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