Tim Hortons launches gingerbread latte, holiday tree donut

Tim Hortons is reintroducing three new items for its holiday menu, including a latte that follows on a rapidly growing trend.

The gingerbread oat milk latte headlines the holiday menu additions, which are set to launch on November 15. The chain’s holiday tree donut is also returning to the fast food chain’s menu for the holiday season. The chain also plans to introduce a hot cocoa crumble muffin on its November 15 release.

The Canadian chain, which has expanded to several locations in the United States, is the latest chain to launch holiday menus as consumers gear up for the festive season.

The latte is combined with gingerbread and Chobani oatmilk that’s topped with cinnamon. Customers can order the drink in a cold brew option too. The donut, filled with Venetian cream, is encased in green fondant and holiday-inspired nonpareils. Tim Hortons new hot cocoa crumble muffin is stuffed with marshmallows and topped with chocolate chips.

Tim Hortons is reintroducing three new items for its holiday menu, including a latte that follows on a rapidly growing trend.
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The Gingerbread Trend

When it comes to flavor trends, the gingerbread latte is following a popular trend as consumers turn away from the once-ubiquitous peppermint.

A 2021 poll by Florida-based private nonprofit school Saint Leo University showed that 19.2 percent of 1,000 national respondents prefer gingerbread during the holidays. This is followed by peppermint at 15.8 percent.

Some on X, formerly Twitter, have shown some love for gingerbread this holiday season.

“I’m hooked on the gingerbread flavor now,” X user oshymew wrote, who added that they were a fan of Starbucks, which also introduced the flavor this holiday season to customers.

User persephonercn wrote: “eating a gingerbread cookie and then immediately drinking watermelon punch is the greatest flavor combination ever.”

However, some aren’t exactly festive for gingerbread.

“Yall … if you aren’t boycotting already and happen to go to sbux [Starbucks], do NOT i mean do NOT get the gingerbread flavor. This is the worst flavor they have ever produced, ever,” X user kisskisoos wrote.

Tim Hortons did not comment on why it decided to bring back the gingerbread flavor, but it provided a little context on another item included in its holiday lineup.

“We brought back the Holiday Tree Donut featuring festive colors & designs–as it’s a beloved menu item for the holiday season,” a spokesperson with the company told Newsweek.

Holiday Options Customers Can Order Now

Tim Hortons launched several other new holiday menu items on November 3.

One of them includes the peppermint mocha iced cappuccino. It is available for customers to order in hot or iced latte and cold brew. Another offering is the peppermint hot chocolate.

A new brown butter caramel cold brew combines a mix of sweet and salty flavors and is also available as a latte. Peppermint Timbits are available to order now as well.

From now until November 28, Tim Hortons customers can purchase medium cold or hot lattes for $1 when ordering online or through the app. This offer also includes the new holiday flavors.