Thunderstorms possible for Monday and Tuesday but give way to a dry midweek

It might be another mostly rainy week in the Boston area, with thunderstorms to start but a few potentially very nice days on the horizon.

According to the National Weather Service, the weekend’s perfect weather will give way to a 50% chance of showers Monday morning that increases to a real possibility for thunderstorms by the evening.

“Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy and we’ll have a chance of showers moving in through the afternoon, highs in the upper 70s, showers with thunderstorms for Monday night and some of those thunderstorms could produce some heavy rain,” Alan Dunham, a meteorologist with the NWS, told the Herald.

Light winds overnight Monday should bring temperatures down to the upper 60s through the night and into Tuesday morning. Dunham said the high chance for thunderstorms and heavy rain continues through the day on Tuesday and that temperature could reach 81 degrees. Temps will likely fall to the mid-60s by the evening, when the chances of rain will also drop to fifty-fifty.

While there may still be a slight chance of showers Wednesday, around 20%, it will likely be a partly sunny but breezy day, with high temperatures around 79 degrees and winds potentially gusting to 32 mph. The skies should stay mostly clear Wednesday night, when the temperature will dip to the mid-60s again under a 14 mph wind.

Rain should stay away though Thursday, leaving a mostly sunny 84 degree day with a 14 mph breeze blowing from the west. Thursday evening could cool to the mid-60s again with a 30% chance of showers returning that night which may carry through to Friday evening.

According to Dunham, the best days for outdoor activities will be Wednesday and Thursday, when the chance of rain is slightest.

The workweek will end with a slight breeze and 82 degree highs, again cooling into the mid-60s into Friday night.

Rain this week comes following historic rainfall totals last month, according to the National Weather Service, which apparently resulted in the wettest July in recorded history for all of its southern New England climate sites and the second wettest for Boston.

“The wetter July was due to persistent cyclonic flow/troughiness across the eastern Great Lakes & New England, which led to lower than normal sea level pressures (ie more unsettled/active weather) for our area,” the agency said via the social media company formerly known as Twitter.

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