Terrifying moment as fans flee falling trees at Augusta

“It sounded like a grandstand blew over, super loud,” said Sergio Garcia, who was on the green at the 15th.

“Two trees fell down from the roots and took another one on the way down. People scattered around them but there was one woman that the trees fell around her and somehow she didn’t get hurt. Thank God.”

Nick Faldo and Paul McGinley, who were working for Sky Sports, remarked that it was fortunate no one was hurt.

“Oh my goodness, my goodness, that is so fortunate. There were plenty of people around, that would’ve been nasty… We’re really lucky that nobody was… that was lucky,” said Faldo.

McGinley added: “That could’ve killed people easily… Because it’s not that windy out there is it? Did it get hit by lightning?”

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