Student Pepper Sprays Tennessee Teacher: ‘Give Me My Phone’

A Tennessee high school teacher was pepper sprayed after taking a student’s cell phone away.

The incident occurred last Friday at Antioch High School, located in the neighborhoods around Nashville, as reported by Fox17.

Footage was posted by Reddit user @Lazy_Mouse3803 and shows the high schooler pepper spraying the teacher. She follows him outside of the classroom and demands for him to return her phone. When he refused, she pepper sprayed him a second time right in his face, causing him to fall to his knees. She continues to grab for her phone.

The commotion of the event caused a concerned teacher to come into the hallway with another adult to confront the student, telling her to step away. 

There appeared to be no concern for the teacher who was assaulted as the student continued demanding the return of her cell phone.

“Can I get my phone?” the student repeated. “Can I get my phone? Can I get my phone? I need my phone!”

Off-camera, another student pointed out the absurdity of the attack saying, “over a phone? This shit is crazy.”

The Metro Nashville Public Schools said the student’s action “represents a serious violation of law and our school policies” and has “received appropriate disciplinary consequences.”

The Reddit user who uploaded the video said this is the second time this teacher has been assaulted during the school year. Two months ago, he was punched in the face for taking away a student’s phone during a test.

Attacks on teachers have become a common news headline, and just last week, Breitbart reported that a Texas vice principal was sent to the hospital for trying to break up a fight between two students. Instead of students coming to her aid, a mob quickly ensued with the students screaming, “Everybody kick that ho!” 

Education Week’s Laurie Langreo reported that educators attribute the rise in violent behavior and outbursts to challenges in transitioning from remote learning during the pandemic to the classroom.

More than four of every ten educators said at least one teacher in their district has been physically assaulted or attacked by a student in the past year, a new EdWeek Research Center survey found.

In addition, ten percent of educators said they personally have been physically assaulted or attacked by a student, according to the survey of 1,042 district leaders, principals, and teachers conducted between July 27 through Aug. 8.

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