Socialist lawmaker offers her Queens district for migrants — then goes silent

Tensions between lawmakers over how to handle the city’s migrant crisis are boiling over — with one Queens socialist volunteering her district as a location for new migrant shelters.

More than 100,000 migrants have arrived in the Big Apple since April 2022 — with 10,000 more arriving every month.

Jessica González-Rojas, whose north-central district snakes through Ditmars all the way to Jackson Heights — made the offer on August 24 in a contentious Zoom call organized by the mayor’s office to coordinate migrant efforts between city and state lawmakers.

Tensions flared over the issue of capacity with moderate and conservative lawmakers reiterating that the city’s longstanding “right to shelter” policy was unsustainable in the face of a limitless migrant influx.

“You can take all the new shelters then,” Staten Island Republican councilman David Carr snapped in a group chat Zoom text obtained by The Post.

“I’d be happy to,” González-Rojas shot back.

Queens Socialist Assemblywoman Jessica González-Rojas generously offered her district as a place to build all new city migrant shelters.

González-Rojas made the offer during a contentious zoom call with Republican lawmakers.
González-Rojas made the offer during a contentious Zoom call with Republican lawmakers.

“Glad to hear it AM Gonzalez-Rojas,” Carr said — adding that he would be following up with Tiffany Raspberry, director of intergovernmental and external affairs for Mayor Adams to discuss the best way to move forward with the offer.

Gonzalez-Rojas, however, went radio silent.

“I emailed Tiffany. I followed up but I have yet to hear a response from the assemblywoman,” Carr told The Post. “Every time the gauntlet is laid down for someone from the left when they open their mouths they are nowhere to be found.”

When reached by The Post, González-Rojas did not back down. “Queens and my district are not new to serving and caring for our immigrant populations. We’re the hub of it and are proud of it,” she said.

Staten Island GOP Councilman David Carr said he is in touch with the city to move forward on González-Rojas' idea.
Staten Island GOP Councilman David Carr said he is in touch with the city to move forward on González-Rojas’ idea.
Paul Martinka

Carr is under pressure to reverse a city plan to open a new shelter at a former Catholic school in his northern Staten Island district which has drawn furious ire from his constituents — and even sparked new calls for the island to secede from the city.

Last week a judge issued a temporary restraining order blocking the shelter — which Carr warned was just the beginning.

“My colleagues and I will continue to fight this in court, and the decision by a Staten Island judge to issue a temporary restraining order in this case shows how strong our arguments on behalf of Staten Islanders truly are,” Carr said.

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