Puppy cam captures what bored dog gets up to home alone: “Still learning”

A viral video has left viewers in stitches after they saw what a dog did while at home all alone.

A French bulldog named Arthur was caught getting into shenanigans thanks to the home camera. His owners could see it all. Arthur spent his day battling boredom by lounging in the sun, biting some pillows, sitting on the coffee table, and, well, relieving himself on the couch. Oops!

The October 16 TikTok posted to the account @arthurthefrenchiee has brought in over 1.3 million views so far and 47,300 likes. The video caption translated into English says: “So come home people.”

Thankfully, Arthur’s seemingly naughty behavior isn’t the norm. His owner said in the comment section that it “has only happened once that he had an accident on the couch. To this day, he can be alone without any trouble.” They added that at the time the video was recorded, Arthur hadn’t been left alone for long.

How Viewers Reacted

A majority of viewers on TikTok laughed at the French bulldog’s day full of sleeping, playing, and the occasional accident—especially since it did not happen in their own house.

One TikTok user wrote, “That (poop) on the sofa was personal.”

Another viewer commented, “My Frenchie is the same. I got a baby gate across the living room, and he’s not allowed unattended on the sofa for reasons outlined in your video.”

Other TikTok users were concerned that the Frenchie doesn’t have enough to keep him occupied while home alone. Someone suggested more toys and chews, to which the creator responded that these clips were from when he was a puppy and was still learning to be home by himself.

How to Keep Dog Entertained When Home Alone

A stock image of a French bulldog smiling at the camera. A viral video with over 1.3 million views shows what a bored Frenchie does while home alone.
O.T.W./Getty Images

As much as pet owners want to bring their fur babies with them everywhere, it’s not always realistic. Owners oftentimes have to leave their pets at home alone to run errands or go to work or school. But prior to leaving the house for a few hours, it is important to adequately address a pet’s needs.

Owners should let their dogs outside to go to the bathroom right before leaving, provide them with stimulating games or puzzles, or leave the TV and radio on for some comfort noise, the Animal Humane Society suggests. Other ideas include hiring a dog walker, taking the pup to doggy daycare, or getting them a friend to keep them entertained.

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