Princess Kate’s Coronation outfit may break with royal tradition

There have even been suggestions that Kate and other high-profile royal women such as Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh may not wear tiaras in Westminster Abbey.

At Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation, nearly all royal women wore tiaras, and at George VI’s crowning in 1937 a young Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret even wore small crowns known as coronets.

However, according to PEOPLE, the conversation and decision surrounding the wearing of tiaras is still ongoing, although many will be keen to see all the royals dressed in their finery on May 6.

One royal jewellery blogger suggested a daytime formal dress code could be set, with tiaras to be replaced by hats.

Lauren Kiehna, the expert behind the blog The Court Jeweller, explained: “I’m certainly hoping we’ll see Coronation tiaras, but it’s possible that Charles is following the example of some of his European counterparts, like the King of the Netherlands, and setting a daytime formal dress code for the event.

“That would mean that we could still see some grand jewels, like necklaces, brooches and earrings but no tiaras. I’ll be sad if that’s true but it may just be another part of the ‘de-formalising’ of the British royal world that has taken place over the last several decades.”

Queen Camilla will still be wearing a crown, as she is having Queen Mary’s Crown repurposed for her to wear on May 6.

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It is the first time in recent history that a pre-existing crown will be used for a Queen Consort at a Coronation, rather than a new one being made.

However, Buckingham Palace says that some minor changes and additions will be made to it by the Crown Jeweller “in keeping with the longstanding tradition that the insertion of jewels is unique to the occasion, and reflects the Consort’s individual style”.

The crown will therefore be reset with the Cullinan III, IV and V diamonds, which were part of Queen Elizabeth’s personal jewellery collection for many years, in a touching nod to the late Queen.

The Cullinan III and the Cullinan IV diamonds, which, when worn together form a brooch, are said to be worth more than £50million.

In addition, four of the crown’s detachable arches will be removed to give it a new look compared to when it was worn by Queen Mary of Teck in 1911.

Queen Mary was the Queen Consort of King George V, the grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II and great-grandfather of King Charles.

The King will be crowned with the traditional St Edward’s Crown during the historic event at Westminster Abbey.

This was initially removed from the Tower of London for modification work but has now been returned to display.

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