Prince William finally addresses Lionesses no-show as he issues apology

According to a royal expert the Duchess of Sussex and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, have similarities in their backgrounds, with Meghan able to relate to Diana’s “legacy”.

Meghan Markle is able to relate to certain aspects of Princess Diana’s life as both were royal “outsiders”, a royal expert has said.

Both women faced family challenges in their childhood and married into the Royal Family, where they both had to adapt drastically due to not being raised with the Firm’s rules.

This may have been especially hard for Meghan as she is American, with her and Prince Harry quitting as working royals in 2020 to go back to her home state of California.

Historian, writer and broadcaster Tessa Dunlop told OK! that while Diana had an “advantage over Meghan” due to her aristocratic upbringing, the pair still experienced a lot of the same things.

She said: “Diana was posh but that meant she kind of understood the barmy nature of aristocracy. Meghan comes from America, so I can understand that it’s unfamiliar, while for Diana it would be absolute second nature in a way.”

She added: “Her father went on the Commonwealth tour with the Queen, the families were close (the Spencers and the Royal Family).

“In that respective, Diana spoke the language of royalty and aristocracy in a way that Meghan didn’t and that was an advantage.

She adds that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will have bonded due to the fact they both had “painful” childhoods, and so they understand each other.

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