Prince Harry and Meghan snub UK return due to feud with Princess Kate

The Royal Family have been defended on social media after a picture of King Charles, Queen Camilla and Princess Anne at the Braemar Gathering was picked apart and compared with one of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle watching Beyoncé perform in Los Angeles.

Barrister Dr Charlotte Proudman wrote on X, formerly Twitter, that the royals looked “stale and stiff” in comparison to the Sussexes, who were “diverse and cool” by comparison.

She posted: “Two photographs of the Royal Family. Pale, stale, stiff, boring, out of touch — versus — diverse, cool, fun, Beyoncé loving. I know which event I’d rather be at and it isn’t the kilt wearing kind.”

However former academic Maka’ala Jordan leapt to the Firm’s defence, as she posted a reply explaining the different contexts of the events and how this led to their different behaviours.

She wrote: “With due respect, ma’am, the royals are there to enjoy the yearly celebratory games of a small in Scotland. There are many photos showing their appreciation and enjoyment.”

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