Prince Harry and Meghan Markle defended by Loose Women star after backlash

Judi Love has stepped in to defend Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the pair received a mixed reaction following reports that they have acquired the film rights for the popular novel Meet Me At The Lake.

The 43-year-old Loose Women panellist has argued the royal pair should be “allowed to make a living” at they should “flaunt their creative talents”.

Judi expressed her excitement over the possibility of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex creating a romance movie for Netflix following their widely-viewed documentary on the streaming giant.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star has thrown her support behind the alleged project in her latest column for OK! Magazine.

Judi said: “Harry and Meghan are said to be producing the romantic drama Netflix movie Meet Me At The Lake.

“I’m so excited to hear what they have in store,” the former Celebrity MasterChef contestant continued eagerly.

“Whether it’s a six-part documentary, a popular podcast, this couple keeps on producing!”

She went on to respond in more detail to some of the backlash the supposed project has already received.

The novel, written by Carley Fortune, includes one character losing a parent in a car crash as a child, which caused some people to question whether the couple may be profiting off an upsetting time for Prince Harry, Prince William and the rest of the Royal Family following Princess Diana’s death.

However, Judi believes the former royals are entitled to make their own way in the world after stepping down from their roles in January 2020.

“The move has seen them receive criticism for the themes the series will touch on – losing a parent in a car crash, for example – but they’ve had all their ties from the royal family cut,” Judi argued.

“Why shouldn’t they be allowed to make a living?” she asked. “They’re creative people, so why not flaunt their talents?

“If they need a female comedy character, they know where I am…” the ITV star added cheekily. has previously contacted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s representatives for comment.



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