Primark’s £1 flip flops are back in stock – but they’ve really divided opinion

WITH Summer just around the corner, everyone knows there’s one place that’s guaranteed to deliver when it comes to cheap flip flops.

So it was no surprise that many savvy shoppers were thrilled to hear that Primark’s famous £1 shoes were back in stock.


Primark’s just got new stock of their popular flip flop rangeCredit: Extreme Couponing And Bargains

An eagle-eyed Primark customer spotted the colourful flip flops hanging up in their local store.

And it wasn’t long before they noticed that they were back with a bang, as they’d also added even more colours to the already popular range.

The woman snapped a quick picture of the shoes and posted it on Facebook’s Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group to spread the word to her fellow bargain hunters.

Alongside the snap – which showed that the flip flops come in so many shades, including bright blue, light blue, gold and purple – she raved about her find. 

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She wrote: “Primark – glad to see their £1 flip flops have not gone up this year.

“They had more colours!”

And it wasn’t just the social media user that was thrilled to see them back on Primark’s shop floor.

Many excited shoppers said they couldn’t wait to get a new pair to see them through the warmer months, as they tagged friends and family.

They also added that they were such good value, they’d be picking up several pairs.

One person wrote: “May have to grab a few pairs even just to wear in the garden. Live in flip flops in the Summertime.”

While another added: “Could get a few and not bring them back in your luggage for that price.”

They added: “Ideal for the beach.” 

However, not everyone was convinced that they’re the must-buy that people make out and that they’d rather splash out more elsewhere.

One person put forward their opinion when they said: “Primark flip flops are rubbish – paper thin.

“I’d soon invest in a more expensive pair that last years.”

While a second joined the ongoing debate, as they said: “I can’t wear them, so uncomfortable.”

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But a third hit back, as they said: “People always complain about the flip flops, but as long as you don’t go hiking in them, they’re fine.”

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But the shoe split fans of the shop


But the shoe split fans of the shopCredit: Alamy

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