Police warn pro-Palestine protesters not to climb war memorials

Police have warned pro-Palestine protesters that officers could arrest anyone climbing on war memorials.

Commander Karen Findlay hinted colleagues have been ordered to swoop in quicker to prevent a repeat of disturbing scenes at the Royal Artillery Memorial on Wednesday night.

A protester sat on the top of the monument waving a Palestinian flag in Hyde Park, in Central London.

Police did nothing but force chiefs repeated claims that “no explicit law” exists which officers could have used.

Commander Findlay stopped short of saying officers will make arrests the moment protesters climb on a monument, insisting only they will intervene “as soon as disrespectful behaviour becomes disorderly.”

And Commander Findlay added: “We have made our expectations clear to officers who will be on duty this weekend.

“At a minimum they are to intervene decisively when they see behaviour which is obviously disrespectful, using their skills in dealing with the public as they do every day. They will be looking to take positive action, including arrests.” Captain Hugh Andree, who runs veterans’ support business ForceSelect, said: “I know police have to act within the law.

“But James Cleverly, who used to be in the Royal Artillery, needs to give them that framework.

“There has to be a law against criminal damage or trespass. They should be arrested and fined.”

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