People are wheelie confused after bins keep mysteriously blocking road

One person wrote that ‘someone has wheelie bin silly’ in repeatedly blocking the Yorkshire road (Picture: Humberside Police)

Police have rubbished attempts by pranksters to block a road by using wheelie bins.

Officers in Yorkshire have appealed for information about who is behind the stunt, warning it poses a danger to public safety.

Humberside Police posted on Facebook: ‘Residents of Marton Road, Bridlington have reported that on numerous occasions, bins have been placed across the road during the night, completely blocking the highway.

‘It is an offence to wilfully obstruct a highway, for the obvious safety issues it can cause if a vehicle was to hit them when travelling, especially at night.’

Many have taken a light-hearted view of the affair, describing the repeat incidents as ‘wheelie disgusting behaviour’ and calling the prank ‘wheelie silly’.

One person said: ‘Rumour has it the people involved have bin and gone.’

Another added: ‘I “refuse” to accept that someone would do this.’

Others, however, have expressed outrage, with one writing: ‘The people doing this have no thoughts for the safety of others!

‘What if an ambulance is travelling down the road with blue lights going, could put the ambulance out of action for a while if it hits them or cause injury to the people [inside].’

Another user suggested installing a camera in the area, so that police can identify the person or persons responsible. 

It’s not the only case of bizarre night-time activity making headlines this morning. 

Hengameh Shahroodi says the cereal offender’s weird behaviour has made her afraid to leave her children at home alone (Picture: Hengameh Shahroodi)

A mum from Buckinghamshire has revealed a mysterious stranger keeps leaving empty breakfast cereal boxes and milk containers outside her doorstep every Saturday. 

Having initially laughed off the incidents as a prank, mum-of-two says she contacted police after the cereal offender’s weird behaviour didn’t let up.

She adds that she’s since become afraid to leave her children alone in the house.

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