NJ man lost toe, part of his foot due to burns from ‘searing’ pool deck at Trump resort: lawsuit

A New Jersey man lost a toe and part of his foot after he was seriously burned by a “searing” pool deck at the Trump International Beach Resort in Florida, he claimed in a lawsuit.

Theoharis Lekas, 52, had “devastating” third-degree burns to both feet during an August vacation at the resort, he said in Manhattan Supreme Court papers.

The resort, also known as Sunny Isles, did nothing to cool down the deck and didn’t have signs recommending people use footwear, Lekas contends in the litigation.

Lekas claimed he could not feel his feet burning because he suffers from diabetic neuropathy, which “caused him to lose feeling in his feet.”

He only realized his feet were injured on the final day of the trip, when he tried to put socks on and noticed they were peeling, according to the court filing.

The condition worsened once he returned home, Lekas alleged in the filing, adding he had to be rushed to the hospital.

While his left foot eventually healed, his right foot developed a “bullet-hole-shaped ulcer” which continued to grow “wider and deeper, until it reached the bone,” he claimed in court papers accusing the resort of negligence.

The resort is not directly owned by Trump but falls under the umbrella of The Trump Organization.
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The appendage then swelled to the size of a football, and one of his toes became gangrenous, Lekas claimed.

Ultimately, he had to have part of his foot amputated.

Trump Resort in Florida
Lekas’ lawyer, Bill Matsikoudis said the damages could be ‘north of $1 million.”

The weekend visit to the resort — which is not directly owned by Donald Trump but falls under The Trump Organization umbrella — “irrevocably and seriously impaired” his life, Lekas charged.

The wound has not yet healed and he has “been told to expect further injuries,” he said in court papers, in which he seeks unspecified damages.

Lekas’ lawyer, Bill Matsikoudis, told DailyMail.com the damages could be ‘north of $1 million.”

The resort did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

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