My mother and sister want me cut out of the will

DEAR DEIDRE: My sister and mother gang up on me like a couple of witches. I don’t care if I never see them again.

I’m a man of 45. My sister is 41 and she still lives at home with my mother. My mother is 76 and has never seemed to like me and always favoured my sister.

They do everything together. I visit them once a month and have to listen to them going on and on about people they know in the town.

They never ask about my life, my wife or my son. They’re a proper double act. If I mention anything about what I am doing, they are critical and nasty.

Yesterday Mum called asking me to take my passport next time I visit.

They want me to sign documents so if anything happens to mum, my sister can stay in the house.

I’ll only be left with something if my sister dies before me. They’re cutting me out of Mum’s Will completely.

Why should I sign anything when they treat me with contempt?

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DEIDRE SAYS: It’s understandable you are hurt. Your sister would need somewhere to live though, so perhaps you need a further talk with them to see how you can find a compromise.

If you are genuinely not interested in them or receiving anything after your mother passes away, then you’ll find help through, a charity that helps people of all ages who become estranged from the rest of their family.

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