Miss Manners: I’m embarrassed to be associated with these rule-breakers

DEAR MISS MANNERS: A few times a year, my in-laws invite my wife and me to join them for a concert at a small local venue. They cover all the costs for the dinner and the show, which can be very pricey.

Before the band/performer takes the stage, the host reminds the audience that filming or recording of any kind is strictly prohibited. And yet at every concert, my in-laws whip out their phones about halfway into the show and take several videos.

Even if we lean over and whisper a reminder to them that filming isn’t allowed, they smile and ignore us.

This is a small, dimly lit venue and I’m sure other people can see the glare of the phones lighting up, though we’ve never had the venue host stop by to give a reminder. Not only is the recording distracting to our own experience, we feel highly embarrassed being associated with people who don’t respect the rules.

After we declined to join them at last week’s concert, they sent us several videos they took of the evening’s event so we could see what we missed. My wife and I both cringed. We don’t know what to say without feeling like we are shaming them.

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