Met Police officers who shared sick messages of Katie Price’s son Harvey guilty of gross misconduct

The shocking contents of the WhatsApp chat were laid bare before the misconduct hearing. 

Dan Hobbs, for the Met Police, said: ‘All eight of the officers concerned were members of that ‘Secret Squirrel S**t’ group.

‘For around two years each of the officers concerned were attached to the southeast Command based at Bexleyheath Police Station.

‘This was a police team that lacked any effective leadership from PS Luke Thomas.

‘They used sexist, racist and homophobic, transphobic language and profanities.’ 


Mr Hobbs continued: ‘Luke Thomas made comments in relation to Harvey Price, the mixed-heritage disabled son of Katie Price.

‘He said: ‘For a c*** that can’t see, he can find his way to the fridge and biscuit jar without difficulty.

‘Without further comment it is self-explanatory how this is discriminatory.

‘He posts various pictures of Harvey Price into the WhatsApp group including the caption ‘hello you c**t’ as the officer’s attempt at humour.

‘Why he doesn’t accept this as gross misconduct is beyond the appropriate authority’s comprehension.

‘Luke Allan, the mixed race officer in his team, was also referenced after the picture of Harvey Price was posted. A poor attempt of humour aimed at Luke, suggesting it was in fact Luke.

‘Both Luke and Harvey are mixed race, there is no other reason for their connection.’

‘He uses the term p***y. P***y is an offensive term use for the travelling community. It was an offensive term, he didn’t report it.’

Mr Hobbs went on to summarise various other racial slurs found in the chat including ‘generalisations about the murder of black people’ and references to slavery involving a black officer of the Met.  


Mr Hobbs also described how in the group disabled people had been reffered to as  ‘fat m***s, smelly m***s.’

He continued: ‘I understand the use of the word mong is unpleasant and inappropriate.

‘It comes from the term mongoloid, it is a very outdated historical term for people with Downs syndrome.

‘Years ago there were areas of the medical profession who believed people with Downs Syndrome looked like Mongol people. It for many years has not been an accepted term.’

The comments continued: ”WTF has that m**g c**t got in her hair, she’s too stupid to be alive.’

”A blind bloke got on my train, poor c-t, I’d prefer to be in a mong scooter for the rest of my life.

‘Got me thinking if he’s blind why don’t his family hide his cake tin and put salad in front of him every now and again.’

Mr Hobbs said: ‘They are consistently discriminatory against disabled people.’

Sexism and homophobia  

In another post Thomas talks of a senior female officer and claims: ‘I bet she gets so much c**k’.

Mr Hobbs said: ‘Inappropriate he says – it’s more than that.

In another picture Thomas posts in front of a poster promoting acceptance of non-binary people.

‘The text information which appears immediately above is ‘gender free, we hope it removes barriers to gender non-binary recruits’. This is designed to encourage.

‘Thomas’ accompanying messages, ‘oh just f**k off. What is a non-binary. Not a boy or a girl, a c**t in other words.’

”She’s non-binary and an utter c**t.’

When a new female officer joined his team he joked: ‘Haha Idk who it is.

‘It is a female so the chances of her being a competent officer are reduced and the chances of her being total and utter grief is increased.’

In another post Thomas wrote: ‘Another male police officer says he did once get away with rape on a weekend away in Butlins, so a Legend in my eyes.’

Mr Hobbs said: ‘It is irrelevant whether deep down he is a nice person, he is promoting sexist behaviour.

‘It is not something I need to explain is discriminatory. The comments are highly damaging to the service, should never ever have been said, or posted, and is gross misconduct in and of itself.

He referred to one woman as a ‘fat bird’.

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