Met Office issues 27 hour rare ‘danger to life’ weather warning for parts of UK

The Met Office has issued a ‘danger to life’ weather warning for parts of the UK which will come into force in mere hours.

The forecaster is urging people living in three Scottish regions to be on guard due a rain deluge which will push across northern England from 3am tomorrow.

It warns homes and businesses may be flooded, buildings damaged, and fast flowing floodwater could pose a “danger to lives.”

Public transport could be adversely affected, and some communities may face powercuts. 

The Met Office says: “While much of Scotland will see a very wet period through Saturday and into early Sunday, the highlighted area is likely to see the largest rainfall totals.

“Widely 80-100 mm of rain can be expected, with as much as 150-180 mm possible for the wettest spots. Rain should slowly clear to the north of the warning area during Sunday morning.”

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