Matt Gaetz says it’d be ‘absolutely’ worth losing seat over forcing out McCarthy

Rep. Matt Gaetz said if voters retaliate by voting him out of office for ousting Rep. Kevin McCarthy as speaker, it will have been worth it.

“Absolutely,” the Florida Republican said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “I am here to fight for my constituents, and I’m here to ensure that America is not on a path to financial ruin.”

Mr. Gaetz led the charge to remove Mr. McCarthy, infuriating House Republicans, with some advocating for him to be removed from the GOP conference. But it’s unlikely his reelection odds are threatened, given his deep red district in the Panhandle.

Mr. Gaetz said he is willing to support whoever most of the conference gets behind after House Republicans meet this week to debate whether Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan or Majority Leader Steve Scalise succeeds Mr. McCarthy.

“I want to hear both of their specific plans on spending and on single subject appropriations bills,” Mr. Gaetz said. “If either of those men get the most support in the conference, I’m eager to vote for him on the floor.”

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