Man who reviews food in the shower wants Gordon Ramsay to feed him

Curries, steaks, and crab legs have all been consumed beneath the shower stream (Picture: @gazpachomachine)

A man who reviews the best foods to eat while in the shower is hoping Gordon Ramsay will prepare him a waterproof meal.

Gaz, 31, dubbed the ‘Shower Review Guy’, eats at least four dishes a week in the tub before uploading his thoughts to Twitter.

His most daring reviews so far include a curry, a gyro, crab legs and a giant sour gummy worm – all while wetting his hair before he shampoos.

The office worker, who enjoyed an iced coffee and an orange in the shower while answering Metro’s questions, said he began the account to share his ‘hangover cure’.

He said: ‘Showers would help cure my hangovers, and I used to be hungover a lot.

‘And of course eating also helps cure hangovers. So I would combine the two. 

‘A sausage egg and cheese croissant was one of the first things I ever ate in the shower I believe.

‘One day I took a photo and my friends thought it was funny, so I posted it to Twitter and now here we are today with 60,000 followers.’

He started eating in the shower as it helped ‘cure’ his hangovers (Picture: @gazpachomachine)

Since then, he’s progressed to chowing down on a 32oz Tomahawk steak, which was his favourite review so far.

‘I felt like a caveman eating that, but it was very expensive and not very practical,’ he said.

‘But that’s one of the benefits of eating in the shower, you can hose yourself down like a dog afterwards.’

It hasn’t just been sunshine and rainbows for Gaz who admitted regretting some of his choices.

Now his 60,000 followers are sending him requests (Picture: @gazpachomachine)

‘One of the worst foods I have eaten in the shower was a shrimp platter,’ he said.

‘Seafood has no business being anywhere near a shower.’

Now he is hoping a famous chef will be up for preparing him a meal to enjoy while cleaning himself.

Gaz, from Atlanta, Georgia, said: ‘My goal is to keep escalating this and make it as absurd as possible.

This enormous steak was his ‘favourite’ review so far (Picture: @gazpachomachine)

‘It would be very funny to eat something from Gordon Ramsay in the shower, or have one of those brands on Twitter sponsor a review.’

Another dish he hopes to try soon is the King’s coronation quiche.

‘I’ve not heard of coronation quiche, I don’t remember them covering that on The Crown on Netflix,’ he added.

‘But of course I would love to eat it. Is there a special ceremony I need to perform first? I’m all ears.’

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