Lucas: TikTok … China must have the dirt on Biden clan

Forget the FBI.

If the Republicans in Congress really want to get the goods on Joe Biden, they ought to contact the Ministry of State Security.

It knows more about Joe Biden and the Biden family’s business dealing with the Communists in Beijing than the FBI, CIA and the IRS will ever know — or ever tell you.

The MSS is the chief intelligence agency of the People’s Republic of China.

It is the Chinese Communist Party’s version of the FBI, CIA and IRS combined into one vast investigative bureaucracy that includes counterintelligence, foreign intelligence, and political security.

Their Chinese file on Joe Biden and his family — and the payments they received from the Chinese Communists — must be thicker than an old Beijing phone book, if such a phone book ever existed — and deeper than anything compiled on TikTok.

This is not to say that the Chinese would cooperate with such a Hail Mary request to turn over information dealing with the Bidens’ questionable fiscal dealings with China while he was vice president and later.

Why should they? They’ve got Joe Biden right where they want him, and that is in the Oval Office.

Who else but Joe Biden would call the Chinese spy balloon that traveled freely across the United States for a week in February gathering intelligence “a silly balloon?”

And when he did so he admitted that the “silly balloon was carrying two freight cars’ worth of spying equipment.” How silly was that?

“I told them to shoot it down,” Biden said back then after a fighter jet shot it down over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Carolina after it had completed its week-long flyover spying mission.

But Biden, at his press conference in Japan last Sunday, was careful not to offend Chinese leader Xi Jinping by claiming credit for ordering the spy balloon shot down. He only said, “It got shot down.” By whom? Biden did not say.  But he did add that a thaw with China was in the works.

But asking the closed mouth Chinese for inside information is worth a shot — a long public relations shot — since the FBI and the Justice Department have ignored requests by GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, for Biden-related documents.

The Biden administration treats subpoenas from GOP-controlled House committees as though they were ordering a sub at Jersey Mike’s.

The federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes, his illegal gun, and his financial dealings with foreign governments has been going on for five years, which is longer than it took the U.S. to fight and win World War II.

If, as they say, the Chinese take a long view of history, they must realize that Joe Biden will soon be leaving the White House one way or another. He either will not, because of age, seek re-election, or he will most likely be defeated in 2024.

The Chinese, always looking out for their self-interest, could at any rate dash any hopes Biden has for re-election –and suck up to his opponent–by leaking information it has on Biden, his son Hunter, and the money it has paid into the Biden family coffers.

It could start by releasing documentation pertaining to the multimillion energy deal Hunter Biden worked out with a Chinese energy firm in which “the big guy” (Joe Biden) was in for a 10% cut.

Or it could explain what the Biden family did for the $10 million it received from Chinese and Romanian accounts while Joe Biden was vice president, according to Comer.

Or the Chinese could explain what it got in return for paying nine Biden family members $1.3 million from 2015 to 2017.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If the U.S. government won’t come clean, maybe the Chinese government will.

It won’t happen, of course. That is because the next thing you know Xi Jinping will be endorsing Joe Biden for re-election.

Peter Lucas is a veteran Massachusetts political reporter and columnist.

Wonder what the Chinese know about Hunter Biden? (AP file photo)



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