Lori Vallow trial hears Colby Ryan call confronting her over sibling deaths – latest

Lori Vallow: Ex-best friend gives disturbing testimony in ‘Doomsday Mom’ trial

The high-profile trial of “doomsday cult mom” Lori Vallow resumed in Boise, Idaho, on Tuesday following a one-day break on Monday.

Ms Vallow, 49, is charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy, and grand theft over the deaths of daughter Tylee Ryan, 16, and son Joshua “JJ” Vallow, seven.

Tylee and JJ were last seen alive in September 2019. Their bodies were found buried on Ms Vallow’s new husband Chad Daybell’s property in June 2020.

Ms Vallow is also charged with conspiracy to murder Mr Daybell’s first wife Tammy in October 2019.

She has pleaded not guilty in a dramatic case spanning multiple murders and unexplained deaths, in which jurors have heard testimony from Ms Vallow’s former friends concerning bizarre ritualist “castings” to rid people of dark spirits.

On Tuesday, Ms Vallow’s surviving son Colby Ryan told the court about text messages he received from his sister’s phone in the weeks after her murder that felt like he was speaking with someone else.

The jury then heard him angrily confront his mother about the deaths of his siblings in a phone call to her in prison.

“You ripped my heart out!” he told her.


Timeline of ‘doomsday cult mom’s’ mystery case

Rachel Sharp has compiled a timeline of the tragic and bizarre case:

Oliver O’Connell19 April 2023 11:00


Chad Daybell warned Lori Vallow of police search when arrested

Rachel Sharp has the story.

Oliver O’Connell19 April 2023 08:30


Lori Vallow trial hears horror of her children’s murders

His sister Tylee’s remains were found nearby.

Oliver O’Connell19 April 2023 05:30


Everything we know about the Lori Vallow Daybell ‘doomsday cult’ murder trial

Rachel Sharp delves into the deeply disturbing tale of suspected murders, unexplained deaths and apocalyptic cult beliefs about killing zombies which surrounds Lori Vallow and her doomsday author husband Chad Daybell.

Oliver O’Connell19 April 2023 03:30


Vallow’s chilling response to question about missing daughter, 16, revealed

A former friend of Lori Vallow has revealed the “cult mom’s” chilling response after being confronted about her missing teen daughter.

On Friday, Ms Vallow’s former friend and former fellow cult acolyte Zulema Pastenes told the court about the ritualistic “castings” that Ms Vallow and Mr Daybell performed to drive out demons from “dark spirits.”

Oliver O’Connell19 April 2023 01:30


Vallow trial hears emotional prison call with surviving son

On day six of testimony in the trial of “cult mom” Lori Vallow, the jury heard a recording of a phone call between the defendant and her eldest son from the early months of her incarceration.

In the emotional call between mother and son, Ms Vallow refused to switch on her camera, while Mr Ryan demanded to know whether Jesus had really told her to murder his siblings.

Oliver O’Connell18 April 2023 23:30


‘There is a lot to say’: Lori Vallow’s cousin talks about extreme religious beliefs

Oliver O’Connell18 April 2023 23:00


Court adjourns for the day

Judge Boyce adjourns court for the day.

The trial will continue at 8.30am MT tomorrow.

Oliver O’Connell18 April 2023 22:28


A further document put into evidence is the rental application for the town home in Rexburg. Lori put her income as $5,000 per month (the total of all the Social Security benefits) and said her reason for moving was so her daughter could attend BYU-Idaho.

Oliver O’Connell18 April 2023 22:00


Lori also shared a credit card with her brother Alex Cox.

In a March 2019 statement, there is an airfare for Tylee to go to Hawaii with a friend, and another for Chad Daybell to fly from Idaho Falls to Mesa.

Both Charles Vallow and Tammy Daybell were still alive at this point and married to Lori and Chad respectively.

Oliver O’Connell18 April 2023 21:57

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