Lee Anderson hits out at ‘leftie lawyers and bleeding-heart charities’

There has been a lot of coverage about my solution to stop the boats. People have been calling on me to apologise – but I’ve got nothing to apologise for.

That’s because I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated that our generosity is being abused time and time again.

And I’m not alone in that frustration. Those were my words but I feel comfortable in the knowledge that many people in Ashfield, and across Britain, feel the same.

I’m not angry at the real asylum seekers who need our help. This country has a proud history of helping those in genuine need – from Afghanistan to Ukraine and Hong Kong – and long may that continue.

But illegal immigration undermines those coming here by legal routes – it is queue jumping under the cloak of “asylum”.

So I’m angry at the thousands of supposed “refugees” who arrive on our shores looking for a handout.

I’m angry at the army of leftie lawyers and bleeding-heart charities who line up ready to block the Government at every turn.

And I’m angry at the Labour MPs who do nothing but shout from the sidelines – signing letters to block the deportation of violent foreign criminals and criticise our plans to stop the boats while having no plan of their own.

Brits are sick to the back teeth of listening to this woke cabal lecture us on why we should willing bend over backwards to accommodate these economic chancers.

We’re already spending £7million a day to put them up in hotels while Sir Keir’s left-wing lawyer chums file endless legal claims to keep them living the life of Riley.

Why should these people benefit from four-star hotel accommodation and taxpayer funded meals, whilst families have to graft just to get by?

Let’s not forget some of those putting in the hard graft will be workmen in the oil industry – living away from their families for months on end, providing not just for themselves but the country.

They’ve never complained once about the conditions which are a far cry from four-star hotel luxury.

I won’t make excuses, there is lots more work to be done to stop the boats. But only we have a plan to solve this, and we are making progress.

We’ve removed the golden ticket for those that arrive illegally, signed deals with Albania and Turkey to send them back, and cracked down on landlords and firms that enable these grifters.

We will continue to take on lawyers, charities and Labour MPs who want to stop us with full force. We will do whatever it takes, for however long it takes, to stop the boats.

That’s my promise to my constituents and our promise to the country.

Lee Anderson is the Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party.

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