Katie Price reveals plans for 17th boob job

KATIE Price has revealed plans for a 17th boob job, despite being kicked off rollercoaster because of her “biggest breasts yet”.

The 45-year-old glamour model has altered her look countless times over the years with veneers, filler, Botox, facelifts and boob jobs.


Katie Price has hinted she wants to make her boobs even bigger againCredit: instagram
The star is known for her love of plastic surgery


The star is known for her love of plastic surgeryCredit: katieprice/Instagram

The mum-of-five has been very open about going under the knife to have her breasts enhanced and in February had her 16th boob job.

However, during an interview on Virgin Media’s Living With Lucy show she suggested she might have her boobs done again.

She told the host: “It’s not that I’m addicted, but I think it’s there to do, so why not?”

“I might go smaller, might go bigger [boobs], I’m not finished yet. The trouble is I heal really well, my nipples are beautiful.”

Her comments come after it was revealed yesterday how Katie’s giant boobs saw her kicked off a rollercoaster.

Onlookers said the harness was unable to fully close over the 45-year-old’s huge chest.

The ex-glamour model had hoped to ride Vampire with her children at Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey.

But a thrillseeker who was queuing to go on the same ride said: “Normally it’s your height that stops you riding rollercoasters, but for Katie it was her boobs.

“When it came to pulling the straps down to lock her in, it just wouldn’t budge.

“Katie tried to get it down but in the end she was told it wasn’t safe for her to ride because her boobs were too big.”

Meanwhile, earlier this month Katie claimed she’s had so much cosmetic work she’s beginning to look like an “alien”.

While she has no desire to stop tinkering, she admitted her changing appearance is very much a Marmite thing for those who know her.

Speaking on the Go Love Yourself podcast, she said: “I have never thought I’m good looking and I still don’t. Maybe I have got body dysmorphia, and I have to admit I have got body dysmorphia because I am always changing stuff.

“I know sometimes when I have gone too far. I have been there done it with all the fillers. I don’t have fillers now. I do in my lips and I have Botox because it got to the point where my face just looked like a balloon. Like really shiny.

“I am fine at the minute. I am getting my lips done this week. I don’t need to do anything yet, but I will. I will still continue the journey and probably look like a freak in about ten years, but that’s me.”

Katie called her obsession with surgery “addictive” and a form of “self-harm”. She admitted she’s still not happy with her looks and will continue to change herself as she gets older.

In recent years she’s turned her attention to tattoos, too, covering her body in designs from flowers to a unicorn, and she said there are plans for more.

“I feel like I look better than what I did when I was younger,” said Katie. “Some people might say, ‘oh you look fake’, but I feel like I look better.”

Her most recent surgeries include a nose job in Belgium and a boob job that made her famous chest bigger than ever.

“I’m not done yet,” she said. “I’ll let you know when I am happy with my looks. But the thing is, I am starting to look like where people would either… they look at me where they know who I am, I don’t mean that in a big headed way, or they think she has had surgery.

“You know sometimes when you see an old lady and her hands are wrinkly but her face is pulled up. She probably thinks you are looking because she looks good, when really you are like, ‘f***ing hell what have you done to your face? It looks awful’.

“I know people know that I have had it done, but say if I went to a country where they don’t know who I am, I want them to look at me because they think, ‘oh she is pretty’ or ‘oh my God, what surgery has she got?’

“I am starting to look alien. It is purely for me, that’s the difference. No one can compete with anyone, there will always be someone better looking, younger coming up. But what they are not better than me is in a photoshoot and I own that. No one can challenge me at that.”

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