JESSE WATTERS: The Kamala Harris White House is coming into sharper focus

Fox News host Jesse Watters takes a dig at Vice President Kamala Harris’ insistence that she is ready to step in for President Biden if necessary on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” 

JESSE WATTERS: Well, the Harris White House is coming into sharper focus. She’s watching the throne. The choreography is crystal clear, strutting through columns of armed men. The pageantry, the pomp and circumstance signals to Democrats, and especially Gavin Newsom, this is how you do it and don’t you dare stop it. In fact, Team Kamala was leaking that if Newsom challenges her for the nomination, she’d paint him as racist.   


But the new Biden biography portrays Kamala Harris not as powerful, but as picky, petty and insecure. Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, found Kamala to be a lost cause. “He felt Harris kept making life excessively difficult by imposing all sorts of constraints on herself. She told him that she didn’t want to work on women’s issues or anything to do with race. She wanted her office to be majority female and to have a Black woman as chief of staff. To Klain’s ears, she was creating too many rules, and they made it hard for her to find her footing.”  

Kamala didn’t want to work on female or Black issues, but she wanted a majority of her staff to be female or Black? The Biden biographer also said that Kamala quit her job as border czar. “She let the criticism guide her instead of diligently sticking to the Central America assignment. She seemed to accept the conventional wisdom about it. It was a futile gig.” Biden making her border czar felt like a sadistic hazing ritual.  


The Biden-Kamala weekly lunches have almost stopped completely. The biographer says, “Biden didn’t feel especially obliged to coach her along.” And behind the scenes, Joe Biden was openly joking about replacing Kamala with Dr. Fauci. He wanted another old, White male. Biden would jokingly direct Fauci to sit in the vice president’s chair.

But joking aside, Joe Biden didn’t put much stock into Kamala’s political future and is running for re-election because he believes Kamala would get smoked in a general [election].

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