Israel-Hamas War: How Can You Help Support Victims Of The Crisis?

The escalating war between Israel and the Palestinian militants, Hamas, has left millions reeling in the Middle East.

More than 1,400 have been killed on Israeli land since Hamas launched its surprise attack ten days ago, and hundreds have been taken hostage.

More than 2,700 people have also been killed on Palestinian land since Tel Aviv declared war and began its retaliatory strikes.

There are major worries about the impact of the complete siege of the Palestinian territory of Gaza by Israel. Tel Aviv also called for Gaza’s civilians to move south ahead of Israel’s anticipated ground offensive, meaning one million people are now displaced.

The UN’s emergency relief coordinator Martin Griffiths explained on Monday: “Aid access is our overwhelming priority. And we are in deep discussions hourly with the Israelis, with the Egyptians, with the Gazans about how to do that.”

The UN also warmed that fuel reserves at hospitals in Gaza were likely to run out in 24 hours.

Amid all the noise around this incredibly complex crisis, here’s a list of three ways you can help those affected through donations.

Doctors without Borders (MSF)

This organisation sends funds to support hospitals, while also donating supplies and medicine and delivering emergency medical care “regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or politics”.

It already has staff in Gaza “delivering lifesaving medical care to people caught in the crossfire” of the conflict.

Its workers have been treating gunshot wounds and injuries from shrapnel from airstrikes in a refugee camp in northern Gaza.

It does not currently run medical programmes in Israel, explaining on its website “we focus on filling the greatest gaps in health care and Israel has strong emergency and health systems”.

But, it added: “MSF has offered its support to Israeli hospitals treating large numbers of casualties following attacks by Hamas militants on October 7.”

Red Cross

According to their website, this non-profit and its affiliates – Magen David Adom (MDA) which is linked to Israel, Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) – were already on the ground when violence began.

They have already been supporting those impacted by offering urgent medical aid, ambulance support and first aid.

The ICRC are “ready to provide further humanitarian assistance as required on both sides.”

It calls for anyone in the UK to donate ahead of what it expects to be months of humanitarian hardships.

The Red Cross added: “We are not here to take sides. We are not here to measure one life against another. We are here to relieve suffering – and we will continue to do all we can.”

Israeli soldiers patrol the area as the traces of clashes between Israeli and Palestinian forces are seen in Be’eri, Israel on October 14, 2023.

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Save the Children

This charity has an emergency fund it uses for children in any time of crisis.

Right now, that fund would go towards those “who have been killed, abducted and maimed in the surge in violence in Israel and Gaza”.

It adds: “Every rocket fired, every airstrike, and every bullet fired further endangers children in Gaza and Israel and leaves their young minds scarred.”

It claims to be “among the first organisations to deliver lifesaving support for children and their families”.

It says it has already been offering services and support in the region for the last 50 years, and it is preparing to help children in Gaza with psychosocial support, education kits, shelter and baby hygiene kits.

A donation of £50 to Save the Children will provide one emergency first-aid kit, a food basket or two family hygiene packs.

We hope you’ll find the above resources useful when looking for organisations aiming to help those impacted by the Israel-Hamas crisis. Some donation drives have been created quickly and have not been independently vetted by us. Remember to do your own research before donating money or goods.

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