I’m a female welder who’s 5’5” and 140 lbs – I tried on the viral Skims dress

A FEMALE welder has tried on the viral Skims dress in hot pink.

People were surprised by how well the Skims dress fit her.


Myladelrey, a female welder, tried on the Skims dress under her construction jacketCredit: TikTok/lifeofmyladelrey

Myladelrey (@lifeofmyladelrey) shared the try-on video with over 38,000 TikTok followers.

The blue-collar worker stood in a snow-covered location in her construction vest and boots as she tried on the dress.

“5’5 140lbs girl trying on the viral Skims dress,” she said, jumping to transition into the hot pink dress.

“How did I do?” she asked, adding the hashtags #welder and #construction.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the brunette’s try-on.

Many were impressed with how well the dress suited her.

“Absolutely beautiful,” said one commenter.

“Looks mighty fine,” said another.

“Wow dress looks good on you,” said a third.

Others were curious about her location: “I have to know! Do you at the North Pole? There’s always snow!!!” said one.

Some worried for her, considering what she was wearing in a snowy location.

“You look incredibly beautiful in both outfits, but I prefer the first one because it looks very cold where you are, wouldn’t want you to get sick,” said one concerned viewer.

She showed off her figure in the dress in a snow-covered location


She showed off her figure in the dress in a snow-covered locationCredit: TikTok/lifeofmyladelrey

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