I’m a curvy mom with a ‘disappearing’ belly – I look like a ‘queen’ in my bikini

A CURVY mom has taken to social media to share how her fupa is “disappearing” and show off her look in a skimpy bikini.

She has over 38,000 likes on her videos which include weight loss recipes, bikini hauls, and opinions on fashion trends.


This curvy mom has cracked the code on healthy mealsCredit: TIKTOK/@bikinisanonymous
Bikinis Anonymous said she felt like a 'queen' in her patterned bikini


Bikinis Anonymous said she felt like a ‘queen’ in her patterned bikiniCredit: TIKTOK/@bikinisanonymous
Bikinis Anonymous shares healthy meal ideas with her followers


Bikinis Anonymous shares healthy meal ideas with her followersCredit: TIKTOK/@bikinisanonymous

In a recent video, Bikinis Anonymous (@bikinisanonymous) shared a recipe, a rainbow salad, that lived up to its name with an array of ingredients including, pickled onions, homemade dressing, and blackened shrimp.

She added that she couldn’t eat store-bought dressing because she could “literally taste the preservatives.”

The next recipe, a healthy take on French toast sticks, included a homemade dip with Greek yogurt, agave, and protein powder.

She then dipped French toast and apple sticks into the yogurt concoction to share with her son.

Her last tip was to substitute beer with Liquid Death sparkling water.

Under the video, she wrote: “Idk what came over me one day but my portions got dialed in and I only want to eat food to fuel my body.”

In another video, the curvy mom showed off her figure in a patterned bikini.

She captioned the clip: “I 💜 swimsuits that make a girl feel like a 👑.”

Her followers flocked to the comments on one of her latest videos to praise her bathing suit recommendations.

One comment read: “These are so cute, love the prints!”

Another added: “Love them!”

Bikinis Anonymous has amassed over 2,000 followers on the app and has declared herself a “bikini bestie,” according to her bio.

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