I work in retail & am constantly dress-coded – tops can’t be too tight or baggy

A RETAIL worker has shared the outfits she’s getting dress-coded for at work.

She said she was shocked that her tops were deemed inappropriate.


Kelly, a retail worker, shared outfits she’s been dress-coded for at workCredit: TikTok/kellsfromhell
A brown T-shirt was deemed inappropriate for being "too tight"


A brown T-shirt was deemed inappropriate for being “too tight”Credit: TikTok/kellsfromhell

Kelly (@kellsfromhell) shared the video with over 570,000 TikTok followers.

“Outfits I’ve worn to my retail job and why they violate dress code,” she said.

The blonde tried on a pair of black jeans and a blue T-shirt, which she said she got dress-coded for because the top was “too low-cut” and because her bra strap was showing.

A similar brown T-shirt was deemed “too tight and revealing,” she said.

A simple graphic black T-shirt earned her a scolding for the design on the shirt.

Another black T-shirt was “too low-cut and tight” after her bra strap was visible in it.

Another graphic T-shirt was viewed as inappropriate thanks to its Sun design and for being “excessively baggy.”

Last but not least, a simple white cardigan was vetoed for its V-neck cut, for being “too tight and showing cleavage,” she said.

The content creator couldn’t believe all the reasons she was dress-coded: “Y’all are doing too much I swear,” she said.

People took to the comments to react to her workplace’s dress policy.

“I worked at F21 and we were literally asked to wear stuff like this,” said one commenter.

“This is insane to me. You rocked all these outfits though.”

“The way they went from too tight to ‘excessive baggy’ is insane to me because what do you want then?” said another.

Another T-shirt was deemed "too baggy" for her workplace


Another T-shirt was deemed “too baggy” for her workplaceCredit: TikTok/kellsfromhell
A cardigan earned her a scolding for being "too tight" and revealing cleavage


A cardigan earned her a scolding for being “too tight” and revealing cleavageCredit: TikTok/kellsfromhell

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