I nabbed a £3 buy from Amazon & it totally revamped my ruined scratched hob

A SAVVY cleaning fan has revealed how you can make your hob sparkle like new thanks to a £3 Amazon buy.

Glass stovetops, though highly popular due to their sleek design, can also be prone to scratches and ruined surfaces – and one person who knows a little about this is TikTok user @theebnbguy.


According to the whizz, these scratches can be removed with the help of a buy you can get from AmazonCredit: tiktok/@theebnbguy
All you need to do, he demonstrated in the video, is buff the polish in with a sponge


All you need to do, he demonstrated in the video, is buff the polish in with a spongeCredit: tiktok/@theebnbguy
The once-destroyed stove looked as good as new


The once-destroyed stove looked as good as newCredit: tiktok/@theebnbguy

The bloke, who rakes in by renting out his property on Airbnb, regularly has to deal with guests leaving a mess and broken appliances.

Unfortunately, the posh hob was also recently destroyed after one person had damaged the glass surface whilst cooking food.

Taking to TikTok, the whizz explained what had happened and more importantly, how he tackled the situation.

”I got a text from my cleaner the other day that our guest has scratched up the stove – so I charged them $600 [£494].

”Just kidding,” he chuckled in the video.

According to the man, the scratches are aluminium marks from your pans – and luckily, there’s a relatively easy way to remove them.

Instead of forking out for a new hob, which can set you back by several hundred, the Airbnb pro advised to snap up a special cleaning product – a metal polish.

These can be snapped up in most home goods stores, as well as ordered online from retailers like Amazon.

Although there is a wide variety, Amazon’s Top Choice starts from as little as £3.50 – and it’s also received a positive four-star rating from happy customers.

The rest, he demonstrated in the clip, was relatively simple – just use a kitchen sponge to buff the marks out and watch your stove become as good as new.


The bargain buy, which is currently on sale, is a ”favourite” for many cleaning fanatics, with one writing: ”Great product. As good as it’s always been. Good price too.”

Someone else agreed, adding: ”Nothing beats this for polishing brass.

”After moving into an old house with very old brass doorknobs on every internal door, this has worked a treat and buffed away decades of tarnish.”

”Perfect for cleaning and polishing my medals,” a third chimed in.

However, there were also a few customers who weren’t that impressed with the deal and one even warned about the potent odour.

”Really really strong smell and can’t say it really cleaned a lot up to be fair. Definitely not something I’d buy again.”

The host’s video has racked up close to 2.5million views – but whist many thanked for the trick, others were more concerned about how the guest had managed to ruin the hob.

One said: ”I would’ve honestly charged them some sort of fee my biggest pet peeve is glass top scratches and they eventually won’t come out.”

Someone else was stunned: ”Crazy. I can’t imagine what they used to do that damage. I certainly wouldn’t believe that pan in the Airbnb.”

”People are so rough. Imagine if they stayed a month,” a third chimed in.

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