I bought a £200 car from Facebook Marketplace and flipped it for £1,400

A CLEVER man has revealed how he managed to flip a £200 car for £1,400. 

Rams is on a mission to flip as many cars as possible in a bid to make £100,000 in total and often uses Facebook Marketplace to find the run-down vehicles. 


A clever man managed to flip a Nissan Micra for a profitCredit: TikTok /@killingit007
He bought the car for just £200


He bought the car for just £200Credit: TikTok /@killingit007
He fixed the car up and sold it on for £1,400


He fixed the car up and sold it on for £1,400Credit: TikTok /@killingit007

He was left confused when he managed to get a Nissan Micra for just £200 from the social media marketplace and immediately looked into its history

“Before I picked up the car, I ran a history check on VehicleScore to determine its worth,” he said. 

The score was 85 and said ‘Really bad’ on the page, but he explained: “The reason I ended up going for it is because it had a perfect yearly mileage!” 

But after picking it up and leaving right outside his home, he returned to find someone had “smashed the window in”. 

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“On top of that, there was already a problem with this car – it just wouldn’t go into gear…” he added.

After doing a bit of research online, he managed to find a £35 used window on eBay and managed to get it fitted at a workshop.

He said: “Mechanic Aaron was already there replacing the clutch, the new clutch was £65 from euro carparts. 

“He fitted the new window in for free. And he only charged me £130 for the clutch. 

“I had insurance for the day so I decided to stop at the car wash on the way home.” 

TikTok user @killingit007 then hoovered the interior of car himself and polished the exterior as “it had a lot of scratched showing in the sun”. 

Following a test drive, he decided to list it up for sale for £1,600.

He said: “The car had a lot of interest, but nothing solid in the first day as everyone was trying to undercut me…”

Then someone “genuine” shared an interest in the car, explaining that his wife “liked the colour”. He bought the car for £1,400.

Running through the total expenses, he explained that he bought the car for £200, got insurance for just £13, purchased the clutch kit for £65 and got everything fixed at the mechanic for £130. 

He also got: “2x recovery truck £90, window £35, T-Cup polish £12, road tax £20, fuel £30, car wash £10.” 

It means his total profit was £795. 

Impressed, one person called him the “King flipper,” followed by a crown emoji. 

While another questioned: “What on earth you find these types of car on FACEBOOK?????”

A third added: “Bro be flipping cars like coins”.

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