Hundreds rally outside Scotland Yard as police accused of being ‘invisible’ at hate crime protest

Ex-Labour MP, Lord Ian Austin, said: “Hearing these chants on the streets of London is completely unacceptable and incitement must be dealt with.”

He added: “It is obviously difficult for a thousand police to deal with 100,000 people on a demonstration.

“The new commissioner is a good guy. I know he takes these issues seriously. The last thing we need is a row between the Met and ministers.

“If there are gaps in the law, we have the King’s Speech coming up and the Government must give the police any powers they need to deal with this.”

Author Hen Mazzig told the crowd that, like others in Britain: “Today I do not feel as safe as I did before all this started” while Tim Gutmann of Christian Action Against Anti Semitism said: “We were incensed that chants celebrating” what had taken place in Israel had been heard of the streets of London.

The Metropolitan Police later said that two people, a man and a woman who were in separate cars, were each arrested for a racially aggravated public order offence after racist abuse was allegedly directed at a group protesting outside New Scotland Yard. They are both in custody.

This week, Prime minister Rishi Sunak signalled that police are unlikely to be given more powers to address chants deemed to be extremist after comments at last Saturday’s rally.

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