Heartbreaking photos of young NYC hammer attack victims show horrific head wounds

Here are the heartbreaking first images revealing the horrific injuries of two young kids who were nearly killed by a hammer-wielding maniac inside their Sunset Park home this week.

The images, released by the family of Sophia, 3, and David, 5, show the children lying in their hospital beds at NYU Langone Hospital Brooklyn.

In one, the child appears to have a neck brace, and is surrounded by tubes as they lay with their swollen eyes shut.

An image released by family shows the young victim in a hospital bed, appearing to wear a neck brace.
Courtesy of Jing Hong Liu

In another photo, the second youngster is lying on their side, with their shaved head covered in stitches.

The children’s mother, Zhao Zhao, 43, was killed in the Wednesday attack allegedly carried out by roommate Liyong Ye, 47, who was arrested and charged with murder.

The family started a Gofundme to help the children.

young victim of sunset park hammer attack
One of the children lies on their side, with their shaved head, covered in stitches
Courtesy of Jing Hong Liu

Jing Hong Liu, Zhao’s husband and the father of the two young victims, will be unable to work as he stays by his kids’ bedsides, according to the online fundraiser, which has brought in more than $15,000 so far.

“Five year old David and three year old Sophia were the couple’s pride and joy. They made all the sacrifices possible to ensure their children would have a better future,” organizer Nicole Huang wrote on the fundraiser website.

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