Harry is ‘more himself’ without Meghan and less ‘guarded’ on his own in public

Prince Harry is said to be “more himself” without Meghan Markle as experts warn he’s “guarded” during public appearances with his wife.

It comes after the Duke of Sussex attending the ISPS Sports Values Summit-Special Edition summit in Tokyo, Japan, on August 9 without the Duchess of Sussex.

Discussing his attendance with Sky News, Talk TV royal editor Sarah Hewson said: “When you look at Harry’s recent endeavours in Tokyo, he’s more relaxed. He’s very protective over Meghan.

“When you see them out together, he’s much more guarded but when you see him on his own, you get a glimpse of the old Harry again.”

Recent reports have suggested the couple plan to pursue solo career ventues following the collapse of their Spotify deal earlier this year.

Royal expert Esther Krakue added: “Meghan had her own podcast, you can see that she’s gearing up to write her own books so I see them trying to carve their own space in a way and be that power couple but have their own ventures.”

It comes as Harry prepares to land back in the UK, though both experts warn it is unlikely there will be any reconcilation between him and his father King Charles, or brother Prince William during his visit.

Ms Hewson said: “I don’t think there’s any chance he’s going to be having a meet up with his brother and for the first time when he arrived back in the UK he’s going to find himself homeless because he’s had to hand back the keys to Frogmore Cottage now and in quite a humbling turn of events for him he’s going to have to ask Buckingham Palace for access to an apartment unless he wants to book himself a hotel or kip on a mates sofa.

“So it really is a sign of just how great that gulf is between him and his family.”


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