GREG GUTFELD: You know we got problems when the Ayatollah, our politicians and academia all sound alike

We’re back. I hope. So here we are in America. Where just days ago, the streets were filled with gleeful extremists who somehow aren’t considered “extremist” by our own government as they cheered the rape and murder of innocent women. And as Israel responds to the atrocity, the people cheering over the death of innocents will then shriek over the death of a new set of innocents, the ones Hamas uses as human shields. So as Israel goes to war, we’re about to experience a propaganda war here at home, courtesy of the left and their media marionettes. MSNBC’s ratings have already slid 33% since the terror attack, which means two-thirds think it’s OK. Before the Jewish dead were counted, you knew it was coming. The excuses for Hamas killing people in their homes, kidnapping young women and children and filming them being abused all follow the same format as the excuses for criminality here in the US. It’s the fault of that old lefty chestnut, the oppressor. And here you thought I was going to say climate change. 

The gist? The oppressed can take a free, horrifying, cowardly sucker punch at whoever the left has designated the bad guy. It’s why they advertise their barbarism. It’s no war crime to them, it’s an achievement. You know, like graduating with honors in atrocity studies. The left, of course, called for an immediate cease-fire, but there was a cease-fire already on October 6th. But even our secretary of state called for one, and then he backtracked. He then said that Israel has the right to defend itself. But at the same time, the way Israel does this matters. In other words, Israel, behave yourself. The balls or should I say lack of balls on this guy is astounding. Has any secretary of state ever gotten more wrong? Afghanistan, the border, Israel, this guy makes John Kerry look like James Madison. No wonder Blinken looks like he’s seen a ghost. All of his foreign policy predictions have gone up in smoke.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken. ((Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images))

 Meanwhile, the squad plays its tune. Just take the punch, Israel. So, you know, we got problems when the Ayatollah, our politicians and academia all sound alike. Apparently parading captured young women naked through the Gaza streets like trophies doesn’t merit a response. The progressive’s answer seems regressive. Excuse primitive barbarism where rape is “What’s for dinner?” Where are the feminists? All the grad students dressed up like Handmaid’s Tale? Too busy calling January 6 rioters terrorists? Meanwhile, actual killing and raping gets a shoulder-shrug emoji. And where are all those celebs who helped BLM buy some really great mansions? Who are now silent when it comes to backing Israel? Remember when silence was violence? Now attacking a music festival isn’t. But here’s the Western media in a nutshell. 


MOVIE: All right. Well, nothing to see here. Please disperse! Nothing to see here, please.

So you will start to hear a certain word soon. It’s what Blinken was getting at. It’s the progressive H-bomb in the propaganda war. Proportionality. That will be the term used to keep Israel from ensuring something like this doesn’t happen again. So what is proportional to these fools? Write an angry letter for every ten babies killed? The goal in war isn’t to be proportional. The goal is to win and to make sure you don’t have to go to war again. Again, there is one side creating atrocities and another that will actually try to avoid doing that as it exacts justice for the initial mayhem. But they don’t teach this at Harvard. They don’t teach patriotism either. Notice there hasn’t been one word from our marching coeds about the 29 dead Americans, maybe more now. They must have lost their voices screaming about injustice while taking selfies on phones made by Chinese laborers. Why do you think that is? Because you are an oppressor too America. 

The left has dehumanized Americans to a point where crime is now our punishment. Our universities have become lunatic incubators, which the federal government funds. They should try registering for women’s studies in the Middle East, if you can get permission from your husband. And so the difference between Israel and the US, is really a matter of degrees. The attack on Israel is a deep fry versus our slow boil. The heat source is the same. The idea of lineage shaming, which means you had it coming. Sit there and take it, oppressor. No wonder we don’t have a border. It’s oppressive, which now borders on insanity. In the fiscal year 2023, according to DHS, 160 migrants whose names appear on the terror watch list have already been apprehended by border agents. At this point, we’re saying you’re a drug mule for a Mexican carte? What a relief. Meanwhile, crime and disorder rule the day. Most liberal-run cities are like Gaza but with more tranq addicts. 

We’ve had a 40% increase in assaults on women here in New York alone. It’s so bad Lady Liberty has traded in her torch for a canister of pepper spray. Fact is, the left has brainwashed one population into believing the other population is subhuman, based again on lineage. So the oppressed gets the free punch and it goes by many names. DEI, ESG, restorative justice, equity, crime, cashless bail and breaking into an Apple store to steal bread to feed your family. America has had three years of hell while one political party obsesses on pronouns, children’s genitals and a Green New Deal whose windmills kill more whales than Japan. So now we see clearly the monster that the left’s created. But will the administration wake up? After all, they don’t miss a thing. Well, except massive terrorist attacks. 


So here comes the great proportionality push, which doesn’t help anyone except Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Berkeley, The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC, the Squad. It allows them to justify their existence while saying Israel has no right to its own and it excuses the free punch from Hamas. But the only thing that should be proportional here, the number of dead Hamas and the number of out-of-work Democrats next year. 


The fact is both America and Israel suffer from an imbalance. Israel needs to regain its equilibrium by exacting decisive justice, not peace marches. Justice. Not revenge. Justice. And in a way, we need justice, too. We have yet to redress our own relentless decay. That slow boil of crime and collapse. There is a voice in your head asking “When will this stop?” It’s a good question still waiting for an answer. 

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