Freed Israeli hostage was held in terror group’s ‘spider web’ of tunnels

Little over two weeks ago, the young women had been scattered across the world, enjoying a beach lifestyle.

Having completed their military service the friends had embarked upon a rite of passage for many young Israelis: the post-army backpacking trip.

Anat, not her real name, had been in Bali, Indonesia. Her friend, Nurit, again not her real name, had been in Perth, Australia.

Their carefree days ended on Oct 7 as they had watched reports of massacres in their homeland after Hamas gunmen stormed the border and killed 1,400 people.

Barely 17 days later, the pair are now back in the army and reunited with many of their former comrades, having given up beach clothes to don olive-green battle dress.

They are among 350,000 reservists called up by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for a looming invasion of the Gaza Strip.

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