Flash floods possible as wet weather system moves in by Tuesday, NWS says

It’s once again a ‘bring your wellies to work week’ as more wet weather ahead could lead to further flash flooding on Tuesday.

According to forecasters with the National Weather Service, a warm front will stall over the region overnight Monday carrying heavy rain and the potential for more flash floods during the middle of the work week and just days after the region was soaked by heavy downpours.

“We’re looking at a possibility for some heavy rain, probably a washout on Tuesday, and then it looks like later on in the week we’re going to be looking at off and on showers basically through Friday and maybe clearing up through the weekend,” Kyle Pederson, a meteorologist with the NWS said told the Herald.

Scattered storms over the region late Sunday are forecast to give way to near average temperatures and clouds Monday, with a high near 83 and a less than 10 mph breeze.

Rain could begin by 2 a.m. as temps fall into the mid-60s Monday night, by which time Pederson said the NWS will likely have issued weather warnings for flash floods.

Showers will likely pick up through Tuesday as the “stalled out warm front” parks itself off the coast of Cape Cod or closer to Rhode Island, Pederson said.

“We’ll be keeping a close eye on flooding issues, especially Monday night into Tuesday,” he said.

Temperatures on Tuesday should top out in the mid-70s before returning to the mid-60s overnight when rains are expected to soften and grow scattered. Winds should be between six and 10 mph.

Wednesday will be balmy and partly sunny, with a high of 79 degrees. A less than 10 mph breeze from the south will carry partial cloud cover overnight, when temps should drop to 65 degrees.

Thursday will be mostly sunny with a seasonally average high of 81 degrees, Pederson said, though the wind is expected to pick up to 15 mph and carry with it a 30% chance of rain.

Rain isn’t expected overnight Thursday, when temps will be back to the mid-60s and the wind down closer to 10 mph, there is a slight chance of showers by Friday morning.

High temperatures should hover around 81 degrees to end the week, as chances of precipitation stay around 30% through the day and into evening, when temperatures could drop to around 63 degrees.

Rain could clear by the weekend, Pederson said, and as of now the NWS is forecasting sunny weather for Saturday and Sunday.

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