Eubank vs Smith LIVE: Boxing fight updates and results tonight

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Chris Eubank Jr bids for revenge against Liam Smith tonight, as the Britons square off in a middleweight rematch.

Eubank Jr and Smith return to the AO Arena in Manchester, the very venue where Smith, 35, stopped the 33-year-old in January. The Liverpudlian dropped Eubank Jr twice in the fourth round, before referee Victor Loughlin waved off the fight.

Eubank Jr has criticised Loughlin over the stoppage, and he has also claimed that Smith landed an illegal elbow in the finishing sequence. Either way, the divisive boxer will get a chance to put things right – in his eyes – in this evening’s rematch.

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Eubank Jr vs Smith 2 LIVE: Round 9

Smith looks rather despondent in his corner ahead of the ninth frame.

Good right cross from him, though!

But Eubank Jr comes right back with a flurry!

Eubank Jr with a cross then a power jab, good stuff. He curls a right hook into the mid-section of Smith.

Grazing right cross from Eubank Jr as he steps into range. Sharp one-two now!

Alex Pattle2 September 2023 23:38


Eubank Jr vs Smith 2 LIVE: Round 8

Decent left hook by Smith. Eubank Jr tries to put him on the back foot.

Simultaneous jabs land for the Britons. Eubank Jr with another jab, then a glancing right cross as he steps in.

Uppercut attempt by Eubank Jr now, partially blocked. A hammer of a left hook to the body by Eubank Jr.

A fair amount of grappling ensues. Eubank Jr with a right hook off the break. A right cross this time, and Smith stumbles backwards.

Alex Pattle2 September 2023 23:34


Eubank Jr vs Smith 2 LIVE: Round 7

The middleweights trade jabs, with Eubank Jr getting the better of Smith in the exchange.

Another stiff jab by Eubank Jr – to the head after targeting the body.

More sharp jabs after a couple of mean hooks to the body.

Smith jabs to the body. Eubank Jr with two left hooks – one low, one high. Smith has stumbled a few times; it seems he may have an ankle issue… Hard to say.

Some fine uppercuts by Eubank Jr late in the round, then a right cross! Smith tries to fire back, but he can’t connect clean!

The boxers trade words after the bell…

Alex Pattle2 September 2023 23:30


Eubank Jr vs Smith 2 LIVE: Round 6

Brutal rear uppercut by Eubank Jr, jolting back the head of Smith.

Now a one-two from Eubank Jr, who follows up with a left hook to the body. He’s had some very slick moments in this fight.

Eubank Jr flicks out a series of jabs, with the first few doing little but the fourth landing clean.

Now he jabs to the body. Smith tries to counter over the top, but to no avail.

Smith is letting these rounds slip away…

He connects with a decent overhand right now, though!

Alex Pattle2 September 2023 23:26


Eubank Jr vs Smith 2 LIVE

(Action Images via Reuters)

Alex Pattle2 September 2023 23:23


Eubank Jr vs Smith 2 LIVE: Round 5

Hard right hook by Eubank Jr! He’s going for the finish early in this round! He backs up Smith to the ropes and unloads hooks to the head and body!

He’s not landing too much clean… but the referee is keeping a close eye on this. Smith occasionally looks for counter shots, then he finally clinches and grins at the crowd! There’s a great cheer.

The boxers separate, and Eubank Jr elects to bide his time here. He’s arguably up 40-35, having possibly won each round including a 10-8 in the last frame.

Alex Pattle2 September 2023 23:22


Eubank Jr vs Smith 2 LIVE: Round 4

Grazing left hook lands for Eubank Jr, who then brilliantly switches targets between the head and body with speed!

Another left hook lands for Eubank Jr, this time cleaner, and Smith stumbles again!

Eubank Jr leaps in with a lead uppercut, but it’s off-target. He doesn’t need to take those risks…

Jab on point for Eubank Jr. And again. And again.

Alex Pattle2 September 2023 23:18


Eubank Jr vs Smith 2 LIVE: Round 4

Nice combination from Eubank Jr to start the fourth round, and he then hammers another uppercut and hook onto the chin of Smith!

OH!!! More shots, and Smith goes down, taking a knee!

He spits his gumshield out. Veteran move by Smith, and it buys him a lot of time!

He’s back on his feet, but he’s on slightly wobbly legs as the action resumes, with Eubank Jr seeking a finish while trying not to overcommit!

Alex Pattle2 September 2023 23:16


Eubank Jr vs Smith 2 LIVE: Round 3

Eubank Jr is using his jab well. Nice uppercut to the body now. An uppercut to the head, too, and a good left hook.

Smith covers up during that spell, trying to stay composed. Hard right hook by Eubank Jr in a clinch now.

More uppercut attempts by Eubank Jr. Most are blocked, but just when Smith thinks his opponent has halted the assault, Eubank Jr throws one more and lands clean!

Eubank Jr is wisely holding something back when he throws these shots, not pouring too much power into them.

He burrows a left hook into the body now.

Alex Pattle2 September 2023 23:13


Eubank Jr vs Smith 2 LIVE: Round 2

Smith takes the centre of the ring. Eubank Jr with a jab to keep him at bay, and Smith responds with a jab to the body.

Eubank Jr is wearing shorts with the name Sebastian on the back – a tribute to his late brother.

More grappling here, with Smith almost landing a forearm in close. Good work from Eubank Jr after the boxers separate – he leads with a jab and adds a hook.

Decent uppercut from Eubank Jr now. Smith blocks a jab with his high guard.

Eubank Jr jabs to the body. He doubles it up now. Smith squeezes an uppercut into the clinch. Smith blocks a one-two.

Ooo! Eubank Jr lands a short shot, and Smith goes down! But it’s rightly ruled a push by Eubank Jr…

Alex Pattle2 September 2023 23:10

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