Emmerdale fans have figured out who Mack saved due to two big clues

Emmerdale has left things on a literal cliffhanger (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale fans reckon they have figured out if Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb) saved Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) and Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) from potential death.

An hour long episode left viewers on more of a cliffhanger than the characters themselves.

The mangled car fell over the edge of the quarry, with one person still inside – but someone got out thanks to Mack.

In the seconds before, a conflicted Mack looked between Chloe and Charity, both of whom had their hands outstretched desperately, and we saw a hand clasped in his.

He had pulled one of them free – but is it his fiancée and the mother of his baby, or his estranged wife and passionate fling?

Emmerdale is not confirming – and nor are we – but fans have inevitably been on the case.

And if their sleuthing is anything to go by, they are letting no evidence slip through.

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Along with many being certain that Emmerdale wouldn’t go through with killing off Charity, two clues have been unearthed.

Some have spotted that the scene clearly showed Mack’s right hand, which they reason means he could only have legitimately saved Charity.

And the nails are much different to Chloe’s, whose were longer.

It has led them to the conclusion that Chloe must be the one who has gone over the edge.

Are they onto something? If so, it would be pretty tragic news for Chloe, although some are not ruling out her survival.

After all, super-strength Mack may have pulled both from a deadly fate.

Whatever happens, the consequences will be far-reaching. If Charity has been saved, Chloe may die – which would leave Reuben without a mum, and Mack full of guilt given they were meant to be starting a new life together.

If Charity has plunged to her death, Mack may live with (unfair) resentment towards Chloe, while she may never forgive him for his affair either.

If they both survive, there is still the matter of the infidelity to sort out and any physical and mental ramifications from the accident.

The show, the media and the cast are giving nothing away and fans will have to wait to find out if their theories hold water, but Emma Atkins recently told Metro.co.uk that no-one should assume they are safe, no matter how long they have been in the show.

Is Chloe doomed, as fans think? (Picture: ITV)

‘Nobody’s invincible, the character has a shelf life and you always have to expect that your contract may not be renewed.

‘You’ve also got to accept that there is a life outside of Emmerdale and you have to be as fearless in that department as possible. I don’t like to assume because it makes you complacent.

‘I just think, “That’s great, another year under my belt and how wonderful to be playing a character that’s ever evolving, constantly learning, constantly making mistakes.”’

Emmerdale will air the outcome of the crash on Wednesday October 11 at 7:30pm on ITV.

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