Elderly driver pulled out of car after sinkhole opens up in busy road

Locals said the man was ‘okay’ and ‘just seemed a bit shaken’ (Picture: Russell Gull / SWNS)

An elderly man had to be helped from his car after a sinkhole opened up on a busy street. 

Pictures from the scene on Carlton Road in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, show the vehicle wedged in a gap that opened in the centre of the street at around 9am on Saturday. 

Miraculously, no one was injured, though the police had to close the road.

Russell Gull, owner of nearby Res Barbers, was one of the locals who helped the man from the sunken vehicle.

Mr Gull said: ‘The first thing I noticed was a man warning us there was a pothole.

‘One car went round it but the next just drove straight ahead and dove right in.’

He added: ‘We helped the guy out, he was elderly, but seemed okay, just a bit shaken.’

The road is said to be prone to sinkholes, as it is built over an old drainage system. 

Earlier in April, footage revealed the horrifying moment a car with two children inside was caught up in another such hole in Russia. 

The white SUV was swallowed by a sinkhole that had opened outside St Petersburg, filled with scalding hot water from a pipe that had ruptured under the street and caused it to collapse. 

The driver and his 10-year-old son were reported by local press to have suffered burns, though the other child was thought to have been unharmed. 

A few weeks earlier, a Hertfordshire woman described how she feared she might drown after falling into another 10ft sinkhole in Watford – which she’d mistaken for a puddle. 

Laura Gerber was ‘massively injured’ after stepping into a 10-foot sinkhole, believing it was a puddle (Picture: Facebook/Laura Gerber)

Laura Gerber told the Watford Observer: ‘I stepped backwards to let someone else out of the car and dropped straight into a sinkhole.

‘I hit my back on the way down and massively injured myself.’ 

She added: ‘After gasping for breath under the water and somewhat managing to keep myself afloat, I managed to gain strength and pull myself up.

‘All that I was thinking in those moments was that this is the end.’

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