Desperate Putin ‘begs Russian allies to give back helicopter parts’

Russia sought to retrieve parts from defence systems it had exported to some of its allies as the war in Ukraine continues to deplete the Kremlin’s stocks, it has been claimed.

Pakistan, Egypt, Belarus and Brazil are among the countries a delegation representing Vladimir Putin‘s nation went to throughout the year in a bid to acquire back engines for the choppers Russia lost during the ongoing war, a report by the Wall Street Journal has claimed.

Pakistan‘s foreign ministry denied being approached by Moscow, Egypt told the Journal it would not comment on the claim and Brazil said the country had refused Russia‘s request.

The report claimed Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah Al Sisi was asked in April to give back to the Kremlin more than 100 engines from Russian helicopters – a request he is claimed to have agreed to.

And Belarus reportedly sold six Mi-26 heavy-transport engines back to Moscow, one of the sources who spoke to the Journal claimed.


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