Congressman defends Don Lemon over heated Vivek Ramaswamy interview

Don Lemon responds to Tucker Carlson’s ‘ignorant’ white supremacy rant

Don Lemon has been fired by CNN after 17 years at the network.

Howard Stern responded to the news, arguing that Lemon was “lucky” to have lost his job at the same time Tucker Carlson was ousted from Fox News.

“Don will forever be a part of the CNN family, and we thank him for his contributions over the past 17 years,” CNN said. “We wish him well and will be cheering him on in his future endeavours.”

Lemon reacted to the news with his own statement on Twitter, saying he was “stunned” after being informed of the decision by his agent, lamenting the lack of “decency” in the handling of the situation, which CNN has rejected as “inaccurate”.

The New York Times has since reported that a heated interview the presenter conducted with aspiring Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy last week left executives “exasperated” and played a role in his dismissal.


Rick Ross offers Don Lemon a job at Wingstop

Rapper Rick Ross has responded to the news of Lemon’s firing from CNN by offering him a job at his fast food chain Wingstop.

“For some reason, I believe you know what you’re doing with them lemon pepper wings, so man just send over your resumé,” Ross said.

“Seventeen years, damn. But I’m going to make sure I get you in front of the right grill brother.”

Tom Murray27 April 2023 01:19


Don Lemon denies misogyny allegations calling them ‘patently false’

This is what the presenter himself has had to say about the sexism accusations levelled against him.

(2021 Invision)

The CNN news anchor said story is based on ‘15-year-old anonymous gossip’

Inga Parkel27 April 2023 00:00


California congressman defends Lemon over Ramaswamy interview

As we mentioned earlier, The New York Times has reported that CNN executives were left exasperated by the heated interview Don Lemon carried out with entrepreneur and aspiring Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy last week, in which their pair sparred over the history of the civil rights movement as co-presenter Poppy Harlow squirmed awkwardly in her chair.

However, California Democratic congressman Ro Khanna has leapt to the anchor’s defence, retweeting the clip and commenting: “Don Lemon was right. As an Indian American, I was profoundly embarrassed by Vivek lecturing a Black man about Black history. The truth is that the Black civil rights movement paved the way for the 1965 immigration act so that Vivek’s family or mine could come to America. We owe a huge debt.”

Inga Parkel26 April 2023 23:00


Nikki Haley wastes no time in using Lemon dismissal to hawk merchandise

The former South Carolina governor and US ambassador to the UN, herself now a Republican presidential contender, took to Twitter yesterday to celebrate the downfall of the man who controversially suggested she was “past her prime” and wasted no time in turning the moment into a sales opportunity.

“A great day for women everywhere. Now, let’s get men out of women’s sports,” she wrote before pitching a range of beer can koozies emblazoned with her slogans.

Ousted CNN presenter previously claimed the White House hopeful was ‘not in her prime’

Inga Parkel26 April 2023 22:00


What will happen to CNN This Morning?

During Lemon’s earlier leave, following his controversial comments about Nikki Haley’s age, anchor Sara Sidner filled his spot beside co-host Poppy Harlow.

However, at the moment, the network has yet to announce any plans for a permanent replacement. For now, Harlow and co-anchor Kaitlan Collins will continue hosting the show as usual.

Inga Parkel26 April 2023 21:00


Co-anchors Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins react to Don Lemon’s firing

The morning after CNN announced Lemon’s termination, CNN This Morning went along with business as usual with co-anchors Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins hosting the show.

However, before jumping into the day’s news, the two gave Lemon a swift and upbeat send-off, wishing him well.

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Lemon was fired on Monday after 17 years of broadcasting at CNN

Inga Parkel26 April 2023 20:00


Howard Stern brands Don Lemon ‘lucky’ as his firing coincided with Tucker Carlson’s

While Don Lemon claimed his termination came without warning, Howard Stern has suggested there’s some good in the timing of it all.

The TV personality argued that because Lemon’s firing coincided with Fox News parting ways with Tucker Carlson, the controversial host would attract the most attention, leaving Lemon with less heated criticism.

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CNN’s Lemon and Fox’s Carlson announced their departure on Monday (24 April)

Inga Parkel26 April 2023 19:00


Michelle Yeoh’s dig at Don Lemon in Oscars acceptance speech revisited

Lemon’s sexist remark about Nikki Haley earned him a callout from the Best Actress winner at this year’s Academy Awards in Los Angeles just last month.

Peony Hirwani looks back at an excruciating moment for the anchor as he was put to the sword by legendary action star Michelle Yeoh as she accepted her statuette for Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Joe Sommerlad26 April 2023 18:00


‘The Don Lemon scandal is not a scandal’

For Indy Voices, Clemence Michallon offers this on Lemon’s “past her prime” scandal from earlier this year, which in retrospect appears to have marked the beginning of the end for him at CNN.

Joe Sommerlad26 April 2023 17:15


Don Lemon career timeline

Inga Parkel has this look back at the fired CNN star’s career in the media.

Joe Sommerlad26 April 2023 16:30

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