Conan O’Brien Riffs On Donald Trump’s ‘Greatest Crime’

O’Brien explained what makes Trump so hard to joke about.

“You can’t parody something that already has that crazy, irregular shape,” he told host Kara Swisher. “It’s not possible. So I always thought that when Trump came along, what a lot of people have to revert to is: ‘Doesn’t he suck? I hate that guy. He’s an asshole.’ And those aren’t jokes.”

Going on to reference the 2021 Capitol riot, O’Brien continued: “I’m really going out on a limb here saying — that’s his greatest crime. I think he’s hurt political comedy by being so outlandish himself. I think the Jan. 6 thing is a blip compared to how much he’s hurt comedy.”

O’Brien said farewell to the grind in June 2021 as the host of TBS’ “Conan” ― and since then Trump has collected 91 criminal charges spread over 4 indictments while he attempts a baggage-ridden return to the White House.

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