Cockroach hitching ride on plane window amuses passenger: ‘See if it has a ticket’

He’s traveling in roach.

A cockroach hitching an international flight in China has gone viral after a passenger filmed the bug enjoying a free ride — in the window.

The passenger, who was identified by her surname, Guo, was flying from Ningbo, Zhejiang to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan on Wednesday when she said she saw a large cockroach enjoying the ride in the window beside her, local outlet Jimu News reported.

Guo filmed the roach wiggling up and down while the plane is mid-flight, caught between the two window panes, and posted the footage on Weibo where it went viral.

The passenger said she thought her neighbor would only stick around for about “two minutes,” and didn’t tell any flight attendants about it.

“I didn’t expect it to still be there after flying [1,864 miles]. But I couldn’t tell if it’s outside the window or in the window’s inner layer,” Guo told the publication.

Apparently more amusing than in-flight entertainment, Guo told Boiling Point Videos she found the bug “very entertaining,” and watched her seatmate all flight.

The passenger filmed the cockroach in the window of her flight.
Zhaxi Delei Tianzhu ShouCang/Weibo

View out of plane window with cockroach in window.
The passenger reported the insect “wriggling around.”
Zhaxi Delei Tianzhu ShouCang/Weibo

She wasn’t alone, either. The footage garnered millions of views and comments on Weibo from fellow entertained people.

“They can even survive above 10,000 meters?” one person commented with a crying emoji, according to Insider.

“As expected of the strong roach,” another person wrote, while another suggested to “check to see if it has a ticket.”

Although a cockroach may not seem like an ideal travel companion, it is preferable to the bedbugs that shut down Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

In June, the terminal had to close down and sanitize three gates after a swarm of bedbugs was spotted inside Terminal 2 — home to airlines such as Delta, United, American and Southwest — SFGate reported.

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